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We are focused on web, software and app development as the critical pillars that help the company digitalize ideas that fulfill a need, address an issue or satisfy a customer. In essence, the company is concerned with developing websites through web design, web content, web engineering, web design, e-commerce etc. Our focus also lies in conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, and testing mobile applications, frameworks and other software components. Additionally, creating and programming apps for computers, mobile phones, and other types of electronic devices is an imperative component of our work. Our vision is to deliver the utmost solution to numerous problems through platforms such as mobile apps (iOS and Android) as well as responsive websites. TENTON therefore specializes in web, software and app development from the scratch of a prototype design to traction channels that lead to successful and healthy growth of our clients.

Our Company

TENTON aims to exceed customer’s expectations through interweaving the customers’ vision and company’s ideas and expertise to deliver an outstanding quality of work. Our mission is to create unique user experience and add value through compelling software and problem-solving endeavors. We have helped numerous startups evolve from simple ideas into successful businesses that generate constant employment opportunities throughout the year.

Founded in 2015, Tenton has built its own legacy regarding ICT solutions with particular focus in software and its components. It has been bringing custom and platform-based solutions to various companies for four years now with the commitment of providing quality software internationally. Only two years after the company was found, TENTON partnered with over 10 clients in more than five countries. Our understanding of mobile and web based technology empowers us to bring to fore an advanced technological setting that strives to continuously bring innovative changes within our society.


What makes us different?

Differentiation is what allows us to provide superior value to our customers. Providing and introducing a new way of delivering value from our company to our customers is imperative in having an impact in the scene of technology and digitalization. We have therefore simultaneously undertaken various steps that allow us to differentiate in six primary categories namely products, services, channels of distribution, customer relationships, company image and price. Our portfolio highlights our work which is a reflection of our differentiation mechanisms in all six categories.

While maintaining close and strong relationships with our customers and deliberately addressing their wants and needs as priorities, we have additionally developed various apps and built software that drive positive social change through introducing innovation while developing them.


Our Team

In a strategic web, software and app development company like ours, designers, architect developers, strategists and software engineers are our key assets. They passionately reflect our vision and values through their work, character and enthusiasm. The combination of agile methods and top-notch technologies we provide, encourages our team members to excel individually and yet work collaboratively. TENTON is all about creating a friendly software ecosystem where we thrive together as a team.

The best team available

Team member

Herolind Sopjani

#Product Developer

Team member

Arben Pnishi

#Partnership Manager

Team member

Alban Sahiti

#Chief Executive Officer

Team member

Freskim Veliu

#Team Leader / Full Stack Developer

Team member

Bashkim Meka

#Full Stack Developer

Team member

Blerton Rexha

#Front End Developer

Team member

Agon Miftari


Team member

Ismajl Marevci


Team member

Njomza Aliu

#Front End Developer

Team member

Arbnor Rashiti

#Product Designer (UI/UX)

Team member

Ndriqim Hajrullahu

#Mobile Developer

Team member

Agon Ahmetaj

#Back End Developer

Team member

Lirim Beka

#Front End Developer

Team member

Xheneta Sopjani

#Representative Manager

Team member

Sovrane Selmani

#Financial Accountant

Team member


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The founders of TENTON

We have created one creative culture built upon the passion for software development.

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